Saturday, May 14, 2011


The 30+ year old baby cradle is DONE!! It will be delivered to his owner this weekend:)
I have to say it looks a MILLION times better!
So Stylish Now.
I didn't think that the 3" gap between each rail was safe, so I added really thin craft wood on either side and tied them on with blue ribbon.
It can be easily removed this way.
What the rails look like with out the board.

 The story behind the pad is a little funny...My mother was all ready to go buy me a sewing machine to make new sheets for the pad. See, cradle sheets were to SMALL and crib sheets were to BIG.  NOW, I REALLY want a sewing machine, but I couldn't lie to myself or her. I knew looking at it that it looked to the same size as a changing table pad. Sure enough, it FIT!
 There is some light distressing around the edges.
I wish I had this cradle when I had my babies:)
~ Desiree ~
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  1. It looks beautiful!

  2. Stunning! I have one in pieces under my bed that needs to be made over. I like the idea of the black and adding the wood for safety.

  3. Wow! That is truly an amazing transformation! It looks so fresh and modern now. The side panel and bow additions makes such a huge difference!


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