Tuesday, May 17, 2011


When I used to live in Brevard County I would stop by the solid/household waste dept. (the dump) every few months & pick up all kinds of stuff, mostly paint & stain. 

Well I went to go see an old friend out there yesterday and I just had to go stock up again. We hit up two of them and made out like bandits...at least I did:) It's all FREE!!!

They keep the strippers, spray paint, wallpaper glue, and other bottled items in another area.
The car was FULL:)
I did get oil and paint stripper
New stain, all the cans & bottles are FULL!!!
I have been wanting this one...whitewash
All stocked up!!!
Now I just need to get started on some projects.
My stock pile of wood.
 Oh, and I grabbed these two cable wheels a couple weeks ago.
One is still in my car because I don't have room for it. It will be going in my shop.
The other one is my new patio table, I will be staining it this week with some of my FREE (dump) score:)
  ~ Desiree ~


  1. This is truly meant as a compliment! Your paint "stock pile" could rival any extreme coupon stock pile any day!

  2. Amazing! You got a bunch of Free paints and stains, and kept them from having to be disposed of! A two for one!! Oh wait, two for None!!

  3. Love your free table! and all the other goodies!


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