Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pallet Growth Chart

I picked up another pallet when I was down south to see my husband loves it when I come home with pallets in the back of my!
I've used up all of my scrap wood, so I knew I needed more. Pulled it all apart with keeping most of the pieces still intact.

This one had some "straps" on it?
I pulled the straps off and thought they might come in handy some day...I never through anything away!

The very next day I was on Pinterest and came across this picture...and I am now a new follower of this FABULOUS blog
Now, I had store bought wood sitting in the garage that I was about to use....when an idea came to me.

I just LOVE seeing what can be done with pallet wood:) I even got to use one of the straps that I pulled off.
 Layed the two pieces that choose out and sanded them.

Hamered that strap to the two pieces and held it up.

It is a little "buckelly" in that spot but I'm okay with it.
Stained it with MinWax Special Walnut.
 you can see how it buckles here.

 I measured out every FOOT and marked it with a sharpie.  Like my hot pink craft tape measure...I can't seem to find my tape measure...AGAIN!
Next I used my T Square to make strait lines with Sharpie Paint Pen in a medium point.

 After I had all the "foot" lines done I went on to do the one inch lines with every THIRD line being a little longer.

I didn't think the bottom through and I need to trim the end a few inches to make it right, but I LOVE it!!

Decorative and Functional:)

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  1. I love it! Great job on recycling pallet wood and creating a pretty functional piece!


  2. So cute, you are very creative! I'm your newest follower. Thanks for following me too.

  3. Love it! I have a lot of pallets and was thinking about doing the same thing. Thanks for tutorial.


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