Monday, November 21, 2011

Renningers Antique Extravaganza

A day at Renningers Antique Extravaganza in Mt. Dora Florida. Talk about 117 acres of FUN!! I didn't want to leave. Looking back at some of my pictures I'm noticing that I missed  A LOT of stuff in the back round.
This was my first time attending anything like this.
If you don't want to feel you have left empty handed, go with at least $1,000 cash!
Chalk board on a foot board, what a great idea!

This Table would have come home with me if my house was big enough!! It was about 12 ft. long. I didn't care what the price was, I was in LOVE! I am now on the hunt for this table in a smaller version.

How beautiful are the details, color, distressing, the curves...the list goes on and on for me!!

Okay, I can't edit any more photos...way to many! Just enjoy all the fun goodies.
I don't know why I liked these, but next time a would like a few.

Iron hooks out the wazoo!

LOTS of junk that i would have LOVED to stock up room:(


 Basket lights on rope.

There was a bunch of these old windows with "institution" wording on, my husband loved them! Wish I could have gotten more shots of them.

This one is for you Kathy :-)

 This booth was Adorable!! "The Vintage Nest"

This was my FAVORITE booth!!! I wish could have taken this whole booth home with me:-)  Next time I'll be sure to charge my camera battery! I was there for 4 hours and the camera died an hour into our entering.

AND, this guy had the MOST beautiful reclaimed wood tables, benches, and islands. This one was $650. I wanted it so BADLY! He said for the next event he is going to try to bring down a load of reclaimed lumber with him to sell, $2.00 a ft. I am planning on buying a bunch to build my own! I just can't find any reclaimed lumber in Orlando or anywhere near me.

This picture was taken with the i-phone so my apologies on quality.

OH, and I found this little beauty too! Pic from the i-phone again. See that bright orange SOLD sticker on it? Happy for whoever's piece this was...lovely work!

A shot from hill side.
Via Renningers Mt. Dora

The best part of the husband came with me! With the busy lives that we live it's hard to get the chance to go do something as just the two of us, no children.

One funny shot for you all.....count on the husband to get that shot he's been waiting for all year. Porta potty's, little did I know they have CLEAN, real restrooms in the main building!

So, If your around Mt. Dora Fl. in January or Febuary you should come check out the Antique Extravaganza!!

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  1. I missed it this weekend, but I'm planning on going in Jan and Feb! We went one weekend during one of their antique fairs but I know that's nothing compared to the extravaganza!



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