Thursday, January 26, 2012

FreeCycle Score

I hit the MOTHER LOAD of craft stuff and MUCH more on freecycle today!

All of it was Free!!
Most of the stuff hasn't even been opened!! Martha Stewart party stuff, fabric, scrapbook stuff, wedding stuff, ribbon, and more.

Decorative paper
Decorative paper
Never favor kits, 2 boxes!!
Never opened Martha Stewart embossed table decorations

Martha Stewart candy wrappers...never opened!

little craft boxes
Never opened photo tiles kit...this box is heavy
Cupcake kit..boxes & papers...never opened!
 Scrapbook paper...LOTSSS of it;-)
 A string of lanterns....never opened
lollipop sticks...witch is good because I received a "cake pop" pan for my birthday and now I have the sticks I needed.


 large bamboo poles

AND...a photo light tent cube!! this is what it looks like set up.
Now you have a sneak peak at the side table I'm re-finishing right now too!

So, I'm off to go find a new home for ALL this stuff ;-)


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