Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Gardening

I know I have been bad with blogging lately, but as a mother we can only do what we can, when we can:)

Spring has sprung in Florida! I have re-planted all of my pots with some color and I am patiently waiting for them to fill out.

It's starting to fill over the sides.

New flower buds!!
My succulent strawberry pot is doing well :)

This succulent started out as a little piece like this one. I found it on the ground at Home Depot, took it home and placed it in some dirt. New ones just keep growing off of the one large one!

I put yellow trailing Lantana in my small hanging baskets by my side walk. These hangers are in full sun till about 3p.m. so I have to get plants that do well in FULL sun!

You might also want to check on what plants are poisonous. Lantana IS poisonous to most animals if eaten!! I don't have any animals and my children don't eat plants....any more.

The Magnolia tree is blooming and smells DIVINE!!

I moved my landscaping palm out of a small pot and into my big pot that was full of dead plants! I bought this palm at Home Depot maybe a year ago for $7!! It's nice and big, will stay smaller, and can take the Florida sun and heat! That is always a plus for us Florida people and potted plants. 
I do a lot of clippings from other plants. These bromeliads are doing GREAT and multiplying from just three clippings!!
I just pulled them off of the mother plant and stuck them in the soil around the palm tree.

I put purple Lantana in my large hanging baskets out back.

These are popping up everywhere from last season :)

My elephant ear are coming up again!
 And more are coming.
Tree stump plant stand and my road side rescue plant chair.
 What my Pallet Fences look like now.
 You can find tutorials on my Pallet Fence HERE and HERE
And I made this green onion planter box last year from store bought green onions. If you leave about two inches up from the roots and place them in water for about four days to allow them to start growing again. Than place them in soil and the green onions should grow. I saw a pin on Pinterest the other day as well HERE.

I know they look sad but I have been clipping off of them for a year now.

OHH...and I have been taking a lot of pictures:)

Spring break with my boys and one of their friends at Cocoa beach. I'm not a pro, but I'm doing A LOT of online reading and I now have Photoshop 4 and Lightroom. Along with about 200 actions for Photoshop.

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  1. hopping over from the Nester's party. Your plants are very pretty and your photos are beautiful. Enjoyed looking around your blog... you have a nice place here.


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