Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Beginning of Re-Finishing Our Dining Room Table

This HIDEOUS dining room table has been sitting for about a year now waiting to be refinished. Not hideous in style, but in finish.
I rescued it along with 6 chairs and the leaf from the trash/dumpster at a near by apartment complex.

When I found it, I could see it's inner beauty wanting to come out:)
Nice legs, oval top, and solid wood.

FREE, I always LOVE free:)

Sanded and re-stained....yes that is primer on the base!

I think I am the only one still living in the STONE AGE's and don't have ASCP!!!

My "grey wash" going on. Two coats with sanding in between coats.

What it looked like after the second layer before I sanded it again. It almost would have been okay at this point but it was a little too much for the look I'm going for in our dining room.

Sanded down after two layers of grey wash.

I'll be back at it tomorrow to finish this bad boy up!

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  1. Looking great :) I'm finishing my dinning room table tomorrow too :)

  2. I love the way it looks already!

  3. I bet if the people that threw that table out could see it now...they'd want it back! ;)

  4. Talk about trash to treasure! This table looks great already, and your not even finished with it! I'll be back soon to see how it turns out...


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