Saturday, June 2, 2012

Striped Wall & A New Chalkboard Design

I painted one of our walls with stripes a couple of weeks ago.



Now I want to do board and batten to the other two walls and paint the top part the same color as the this.

Via: The Inspired Room via One Nutty Girl

NOW: we rent so I need to find a way to do it for free or like $

This was all done with an 18" ruler. I made little marks at 12" than drew a line connecting them all. I have a very steady hand and knew I could "cut in" these lines making them strait.

The paint was from my last dump run, SO that was FREE and I am in LOVE with this color! It looked more grey on the out side of the can but It has a blue tint to it. Which is fine because my the rest of our house is a soft blue.


Sherwin Williams FREE paint, 3/4 full from the Hazardous Waste Dump!

The top of the can says 7064 PASSIVE.

You can see one of my trips to the dump HERE!

The stripes worked out well lining up the "white" part with the outlet and light switch!!

I want to make this room (our family room) cozy, nautical, and Functional!

This room is SOOO HARD though! The size of this room, you can't even fit a full size couch in it! All of our rooms in our townhouse are small! I HATE IT!

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