Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Meals by The Week

Have you heard about MealsByTheWeek.Com? I recently had pleasure of giving it a try. Let's just say it takes all the multiple recipe searching, grocery list making, and coupon searching A LOT easier!
ABOUT Meals by the Week:
"My goal is simple – create menus based on what is on sale at the grocery store that week. Build simple recipes that can be prepared in a short period of time, or that use a slow cooker so that you can come home to a waiting meal. Use leftovers to create other meals that don’t taste like you’re eating the same thing. Make the most of minimally-processed food so that growing bodies get the balanced nutrients they need to be healthy. Create shopping lists to make the trip to the grocery store as efficient as possible. And – most importantly – get families back to the table and talking to each other again."
The site was EASY to use, creates a shopping list based on your grocery store sale items for that week. You can easily multiply the recipe, and gives you the nutrition facts for each recipe.
You can even print coupons right from the site!
Can't make all 7 meals in one week?? Not a problem! You can go to Archived Menu from prier weeks and make the meals you missed.
Ready to go give it a try?
Coupon Code: 50DealCS468
For a 50% discount on 13 weeks.
13 weeks is $15, with your 50% off that's only $7.50 for 13 weeks!!
That's only $0.58 a week!!
This is what the menu looks like.
With two little ones in school now, my husband's new shop, my work, my hobbies....and that little thing called house cleaning, helped out in the dinner planning:)

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