Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DIY Removable Chalkboard { Tutorial }

My grandmother gave me this painting in a beautiful frame about five years ago. She no longer wanted it and I took it for the frame...not a fan of the painting itself.
After looking at the backside and seeing how nicely framed it was I couldn't bring myself to tear it all apart.
That "What If" (regret) kept tugging at my heart strings since it came from my grandmother!
I LOVE the frame though!


Please don't mind the slight mess in the pictures...I'm in the proses of decorating for Halloween!!
First measure from the INSIDE of your frame, height & width.

I picked up a thin piece of Tri-Ply from Home Depot and had them cut it to size for me...it's FREE so take advantage of that. One less thing for you to do:)
Sand the sides down and the front side.
I happened to have a few strips of white sticky back Velcro and placed them on the back side of my board.
TIP: stick the two pieces of Velcro together, than place the "set" on the back of your board and press onto your new surface.
This will ensure that the Velcro pieces line up properly.

Put it up and see if your Master Plan works.....It DID!!
Off to paint your board now. I use Rust-Oleum Any Surface Chalkboard paint.

After it has dried rub chalk all over it and rub it off.

I will be fixing the dining room up this week and hanging the chalkboard higher once I get a cute Halloween design on it.
You can't even see the Velro circles on the painting.

Can You See Them??  NOPE!
So one day I might like the painting and I will be able to change it with just a pull of a board.
This is what I did with our other chalkboard in the family room.
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  1. I love your idea of the plywood! I once painted right over the glass on a print, because, like you, I didn't want to wreck the nice framing job.


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