Thursday, February 27, 2014

Faux Birch Soup Can Vase

I'm a lover of nature inspired décor. Us Floridian's don't have the pleasure of Birch Trees growing around us and the cost to go buy them could get costly if you wanted a bunch.
Time to create my own!
I had a couple ideas on how to get the birch look. You could buy birch paper and glue it around the can...spending money. I thought it would be cool to apply torn paper to the can and painting over it but since this is my first go at this, I stuck to just paining it. 
I would suggest spraying on a primer before painting the can if you want it last a long time. I didn't have any on hand so just went with it.

Start saving your cans!


These are the paint colors I used.
Base: Antique White (1st.)
Brown: Spice Brown (2nd.)
White: Wedding Cake (3rd.)

While the first layer (base) color is still wet, take a small dab of the brown and brush randomly placed strokes all around the can. 

Let that layer dry!

Once it is completely dry, take a small amount of the white and randomly brush white all around the can. 

Let it dry again and use a very fine paint brush to randomly place the little brown slits.

This is what you will be left with!!
From here you could add embellishments to the can, flowers, twine, burlap, etc. Have fun with it!
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  1. That's crazy how well you were able to paint a can to look like birch wood! Awesome project! Thanks for sharing it on Best of the Nest!

  2. Oh my goodness, I would have never guessed they were soup cans!! Creativity at it's finest!! So happy you shared them at Best of the Nest today!

  3. Well something doesn't look right. Are they all soup cans? You have these little knobs sticks out on some of them so wondering. What and how do you make it look like little pieces of wood sticking on on the cans?Also the big brown spots? These look like read wood. I've been wanting some Birch but like you said living in the south that was out of the question. Now I can make some if I can get them to look like real wood.

    1. No, only the one on on the right in the group picture is a can. I just put it next to my birch candles so everyone can see close in resemblance it is!

  4. Wow that's is really amazing, from the little photo I was expecting real wood attached somehow. Great job!

  5. Very impressive! When I saw your first picture, I was sure you glued on bark. Living somewhere where birches grow, I might run around and rip off bark and try the glue on approach.

  6. It looks amazing! I just pinned it :)

  7. Whatever -- I'm obsessed!!! Thanks for sharing your awesome tutorial! Happy to feature you tomorrow! XO, Aimee


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