Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Green Sofa Table Makover

I have become obsessed with Facebook classified groups! It's basically people posting stuff for sale in group pages. I'll admit though, I buy more than I sell....shhhh don't tell my husband.
I picked up this antique sofa table for a steal!
I'll never understand why people would put this many water rings in beautiful furniture! 
Even after sanding and staining you could still see some of the water rings. I found a youTube video where a guy used an iron over a cloth and the heat drew the rings out!!

She has beautiful curves and details!



 I used Americana Décor Chalky Finish in New Life green. I then glazed it with stain and lightly distressed it. I love how adding color to it made all those beautiful details pop!

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  1. My sister has rings on her table, I'll have to tell her about the you tube video. Love the green! It seems to make the beautiful details on the table more noticeable.


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