Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Upcycled Drawer to Shadow Box

 It's a little hard for me to toss solid wood items!
My boys were ready for a room makeover and it was time to toss their desk. I tried selling it for a small price and - NOTHING!
Which turned out to be a good thing. Before kicking the ugly little wood desk to the curb, I saw new life in the drawers!

What they looked like when I propped them up. I have three of them and have only redone one of them.

First I painted it all white except for the bottom part. I re-stained the bottom board.
I used Mod Podge to place some pretty left over napkins to the back wall. 

I have two more drawers to do and plan on hanging them together on the wall.
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  1. it turned out perfect & keeping something of your sons to give them when they grow up will mean a lot to them or their wives. & i love your wreath ! is it coffee filters with the hole cut out & slid on the wreath ??

  2. They are so cute and useful! I especially like the one with the newsprint inside and the birch candles in it. Lovely - and to think we could match up those drawers with any color scheme in the room - fabric, scrapbook paper, gift wrap - and item could be decoupaged on there. So smart!

  3. Love those drawers. I'd display them on a wall. Great job.


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