Sunday, December 10, 2017

Merry & Bright Blog Hop: Christmas Kitchen

Welcome to our final week of the Merry & Bright Blog Hop: Kitchen & Dining edition! Its been so much fun doing this Christmas blog hop with these talented girls! I've been taking notes for next years Christmas décor!

I recently finished painting the back side of our kitchen since it's what you see from the living room. Some paint sure did make a world of difference! The large space above the cabinets and angled ceiling line definitely throw me off when it came time to decorate! I didn't want to spend $ on décor and I don't like it filled with stuff because it starts to just look cluttered, but for Christmas it looked empty without anything. I ended up getting the 3 embroidery Christmas hoops from Hobby Lobby and the wooden reindeer.
Everything else I already had. I went with some simple touches throughout the rest of the kitchen.  

I placed one of my husbands grandmothers embroidered Christmas napkins over a large bakers hand towel and pinned a simple ribbon to it. 

I love anything embroidered:)

I'm a Rae Dunn collector and most of my collection gets used in the kitchen! 

Our little coffee area was used as my work space for a few months when we realized we needed the counter space for kitchen items and the shelves work perfectly for the mugs and I haven't had the chance to move the cork board, so I hung some vintage ornaments on it to dress it up a bit! I plan on adding a mug rack on the wall there. 

Just by adding a little wreath around the bottom of the canister with some berries, it brings a little Christmas cheer to this small area.

Mixing in some fresh green garland above the cabinets adds a natural feel.

I wanted small wreaths just on the two cabinets above the microwave and by using what I already had, I hot glued some bottle brush trees to macramé hoops and added some ribbon. I love the simple, delicate look of them!  

I made the NOEL sign years ago and the little flowers are pinecone pieces with an acorn top center!  

Hope you've enjoyed our kitchen decorated with some simple Christmas touches! Be sure to go say hello to these lovely ladies and check out their space done up with Christmas cheer!

Lauren @Old To New Blog
Rachel @Crate & Cottage

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  1. I'm dying over here!!! Oh my goodness, I love it all! I am a big fan of embroidery also. And I LOVE that cork board with the hanging ornaments. So darling. And your entire dining room. Oh my goodness I wish I could fit a second tree into my dining area. GORGEOUS!!


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