Wednesday, February 7, 2018

DIY Faux Olive Tree

Olive trees add such a nice farmhouse feel to a space but holy cow are they expensive! I was trying to find some for like $20 and I just couldn't find any that I liked under $80! While I was walking the greenery isle at Hobby Lobby a large olive bundle popped out at me because the stems on it were longer than ones I've seen in the small bundles. Everything was 50% off, so even better! It cost $6.50 to make this Faux Olive Tree Topiary! I already had the pot, it is from Old Time Pottery for $1.99 I believe. They have great prices on terracotta pots but I've seen real looking antique ones too at Hobby Lobby with the aging and patina on them!  


This is the olive bush I picked up from Hobby Lobby for 50%off.

I started out with finding a branch outside with stems on the ends and removed all of the leaves. The real tree branch really helps give the look of a live tree! If there are any extra branches on lower part of the stick go ahead and cut those off too leaving just the branches at the top of the stick.

I drilled a very small hole right above the branches. I cut the branches off of the faux olive bush and since they are a wired faux plant you can just push the wire stem into the little pre drilled hole above the branch.

I wrapped floral wire around the stem and olive branch to hold them in place. At this point you could probably use some moss to cover the wire up or just use hot glue at the base as you push the olive stem into the "tree trunk." You can see on one of the olive stems there wasn't a branch to wire to so I just drilled a hole and hot glued the stem into to the tree branch. 

For the top of the tree, I drilled a hole and hot glued the top olive stem into place.

The Dollar Tree sells packs of 5 green foam for $1 and I just stacked two and cut one in half to fill the sides and hold the tree branch in place inside the pot.

I had some sheets of moss leftover from another project and I just used that to cover the green foam but if was to go buy something I would use the loose moss and hot glue it to the green foam to cover it up.

Although there are some things that I would add to the next DIY'ed Olive Tree I'm happy with this one using stuff that I already had on hand!


  1. Perfect! I shared on FB! To think I spend $69 on mine at Hobby Lobby and felt like I had gotten an amazing bargain!

    1. Thank you, Chloe!! I just checked my stats and was like maybe IG is starting to work because trafic today was better!! 😂 I want to make a big one with concrete planter for our living room!!

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