Monday, September 10, 2018

Fall Patio Bench Refresh

Happy to say I had one goal this past weekend, finish painting and styling this bench! I got it done and I'll be sharing how I built this mini bench from a twin headboard soon. I'm calling it a Plant Bench. 😄 It's not quite big enough to be a real bench, the seat is low and narrow. I didn't want this bench to stick out too far blocking our pathway, but I wanted something that I could put plants on and change out the décor with the seasons to bring some life and color to our back patio!
This is going to be perfect for that! It's out of the way and we see this corner of our patio from our kitchen and living room looking out our sliding glass door. 

I used this blue plaid fabric I was about to donate because I haven't used it for anything in years! The blue goes well with the light blue door I couldn't bring myself to throw away and the blue/green pumpkins I have. You don't have to use blankets for blankets. You might already have a towel or table cloth that could add color to your space. 

Another way to keep this refresh on a budget, I just added some wheat to my lavender plant and lavender wreath. For the wreath I added mustard color pom poms that I found on a stem at Hobby Lobby and yellow paper flower sprigs.

Another way to save $, is to use old soup cans and cover them with some burlap or Fall colored fabric and use them for planters. The small size Mums fit perfectly in the 28oz whole tomato can. hehe
Large potted Mums can get pricey when you want to buy multiples, so buying three of the $1.25 ones I'll still get my Mums fix for the season without spending $40 on two large ones like I wanted! 

I painted the Pumpkin Patch sign last year on some old weathered wood and painting your signs is a good way to save $ too! You might be surprised how easy they really are to make. I use chalk to draw out a design and then paint right over the chalk.

Hope this inspires you to add a little Fall to your patio this season!

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