Friday, September 21, 2018

Fall Kitchen Refresh with

The  first day of Fall is this Saturday, September 22nd! I've already done Fall décor around the house, back patio and our front porch. I don't usually freshen up the kitchen, but when Bloomr reached out to try some of their luxury faux florals I thought they would be perfect for our kitchen! Flowers in the kitchen always make it feel more alive and cozy. You don't have to use the traditional Fall colors either to make it feel like Fall. My style tends to lean towards softer colors. More of a feminine feel.
I chose neutral colors and mixed in greens, copper, natural pumpkins and warm tones.

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The Pink Hydrangea and Green Hydrangea are my favorite! They are so beautiful, look real and make the perfect simple Fall arrangement. These colors could be used year round but, are my personal favorite during Fall!

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For my flower basket cluster, I used a White Ranunculus Bush, Purple Syringa, and Asparagus Bush. I just weaved the Ranunculus & Asparagus into each other, then slipped the Syringa in and tied them all together with a vintage hanky. 

The Hyacinth looks so romantic sitting next to the flower basket! I love that one too!

No kitchen is complete without a little table centerpiece. I put together a bouquet with green, purples and a touch of pink. I'm a pink lover so I had to have  just a little in there! 😊  
This is where I added in some green and warmer tones. For the green tones I used, Callicarpa Pick, Sedum, Maiden Hair Spray and for the rich tone I used the Purple Trachelium. I couldn't leave out that touch of pink, the Pink Ranunculus! By placing mini white pumpkins and pinecones around the arrangement, it helps make it feel like Fall.

I used touches of copper throughout our kitchen mixed with blue & white pumpkins. I love that it still feel elegant, but not to the point where you feel that you can't touch anything. You want to sit down and have coffee or tea.

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