Tuesday, September 25, 2018

French Country Nightstand Makeover with Fusion Mineral Paint

I really have a soft spot for furniture that has a lot of detail! I check Facebook Marketplace about 100 times a day looking for antique pieces at a good price. A good price to me is $20! 🤣 The most I've ever paid for a piece of furniture was $60. It was a buffet that was already painted HERE and felt that it was well worth the $60 considering the size of the piece. 
When I came across this gorgeous French nightstand listed for $50 I really wanted it! I messaged the seller offering $20 and he said no. About an hour later he messaged back saying if I came that day for it I could have it for $20! It was meant to be mine!❤

I used Fusion Mineral Paint in "Little Whale" for the body and "Casement" for the white details. Fusion Mineral Paint is my favorite paint for furniture! There is minimal prep work, the paint goes on supper smooth and there's a built in top coat, which means you don't have to apply a sealer over most projects. I'll be sharing a more detailed post about FMP products soon!

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Not only does Fusion Mineral Paint make great paint, they have a wide selection of other products like wax, brush cleaner, stain, paint brushes and this Beeswax Bar. I highly recommend the beeswax bar if you are planning on distressing anything! It's perfect for detailed areas especially! You just rub the areas that you are planning on distressing before you paint. This will not allow the paint to adhere in those areas, making it easier to distress. 

A little tip for those hard to reach areas for distressing, like the grooves in the white area. I used a damp paper towel over my finger nail and rubbed in the tight grooves to remove some of the paint.

"French Beauty" is now in our guest bedroom that will soon turn into my daughters room. I've already started daydreaming about adding touches of pink and purple to this beautiful soft blue! 

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