Tuesday, January 8, 2019

How to Make Valentines Rag Wreath

Happy 2019 friends! Hope everyone had a great holiday and New Year! Once the weekend before Christmas came I signed off of all social media and just enjoyed the time off with my family! Now it's the new year and I'm ready to start sharing everything Home & DIY again! With Valentines Day around the corner I thought it would be fun to use up some of my scrap fabric and lace that I have for a rag wreath! I'm trying to keep the feel of our home Wintery and adding a little pink. This will transition into Spring décor very easily too!

I like subtle Valentines décor and I usually just do one spot in my house like our buffet table or this cute little area by our entrance front door. I don't think I've ever really found Valentines décor in the store that I've liked so I always make something. This wreath cost a $1 to make for the metal wreath ring from the Dollar Tree!

What You Will Need

1. Fabric: ripped down into about 10"-12"
2. Metal wreath form
3. Scissors
4. Any embellishments you want to add/ flowers, banner, lights, etc.

That's it folks! 3, things to make this wreath!! I used leftover fabric from an Ikea curtain I cut up to make slip covers for my dining room chairs. A lot of time we have large odd shaped fabric leftover from projects and this is a good way to use them up! There was A TON of fabric left in the hem of the curtain when I took it out! That portion of the fabric made up half of my wreath! To think I almost cut that part off and threw it in the trash!
You can always find inexpensive tablecloths at GoodWill for fabric too! I see them for .99 cents all of the time.

I used a very light pink lace that I had, about 3' of, and cut that into strips first since I didn't have a lot of it. I figured out how many pieces would fit around the wreath somewhat evenly to mix in the pink color & it was 3 pieces per section. If you have a lesser amount of fabric it's good to go around and place I in first so you don't run out 3/4 of the way through your wreath. I had plenty of the white lace and just worked it in as I went. Lace adds a little bit of texture wreath instead of being all flat fabric. I ripped the  white fabric strips to make them have a frayed look and cut them down into 8" to 10" pieces.

I worked in a 3 block pattern, you can just tie your fabric onto each bar but it will be a fuller wreath. I wanted this kind of vintage looking so it's less full. That's just how I like mine. 😉 I kept the lace all on the middle bar, mostly because I didn't have much of that and its a easy way to keep a consecutive look. The pattern I went in is kind of like a step, alternating pattern. You can see in the picture of the under side.

I love how it turned out and how light looking it is! Nothing over the top for Valentines but a little something. You can take the heart banner off and add flowers for Spring too! For the heart banner I just used my heart punch and cut out some book page hearts for a little touch of vintage. Tie jute twine and clip the hearts to the twine.

 I decided to add some lights to it since Christmas just passed and we're missing the glow of the lights! They are battery operated and I just wired the battery pack to the back of the wreath. You can see that you don't even really see the copper wire with the lights off. 


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  1. Beautiful wreath! I don't do much for Valentines Day, either. But your wreath is so pretty with barely a hint of color. I've never made a rag wreath before, but I'd like to try this one.


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