Monday, January 14, 2019

Lamp Turned Large Chunky Candle Holder

This is the year of use all the junk in my junk pile or get rid of it! I've had several "things" sitting around for when I feel inspired to get the project to done. I'm trying to not take on any new "things" until that junk pile gets a little smaller. I've actually donated a lot before and after Christmas but this lamp just kept saying NO, don't get rid of me! I can be great! I had planned on painting it as a lamp but we just don't have a use for it as a lamp.

The shape is what drew me in at a Garage sale for $3, three years ago. So I had an idea for it! Candleholder! Large chunky candleholders can be a bit pricey so I could never purchase one for $3 and the deconstruction began!

I used Fusion Mineral Paint, it's my favorite paint! No priming, I just painted on two coats of Stirling (light gray) & dry brushed Casement (white) over it and sealed it with Espresso Wax to give it some depth. Distressed it with a fine grade sanding block. 

To take the lamp apart I just cut unscrewed the top light piece and cut the wire with wire cutters. You can then pull the power cord out from the base. I used wood glue to glue a wood disc onto the top of the lamp. 


So what do you think? Are you going to be looking for a lamp to upcycle now?


  1. What a lovely idea! The candlestick turned out to be so cute and romantic. I'm definitely going to look for a lamp to upcycle. You've made this look so simple and a process of just a few steps, plus it's on a budget. So yes, this is something I have to try. :)


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