Friday, May 18, 2012

Interior Door Turned Decorative Shelf { DIY }

When I pulled this door out of the dumpster I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with it but I knew I would use it!

 Ikea shelf brackets and a pallet plank.

don't mind the mess please.

I primed and painted the door in grey.

The grey before I dry brushed it with white.

During the "go crazy with the paint brush"

Glaze in the grooves.

And wipe off the excess. Sanded all the edges.

I added hinges from Home Depot.

I had some brackets sitting around in the garage, so I added a pallet shelf to the door.

I LOVE galvanized buckets.

Not to bad for FREE right?!?!

I might add some decorative painted details to it but for now it's good enough.

The door turned out to be just a cheap interior door but I just went with it and I now have a nice statement piece in our dining room.

The dining room is slowly coming together :)

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hand Built & Hand Painted Crab Sign

I finished up my large crab sign yesterday.  I used up some of my scrap wood and I found a use for some of my small scraps of's holding it all together on the back side.

I found some hinges in my pile of hardware, so I added them to the top. I like the look of hinges:)

The font is "Wide Latin" at 250 in MS Word.

I did a sketch of a crab so that I had a basic outline to go off of when I painted it.

One project down.....a million more to go:)

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Monday, May 14, 2012

More Projects

The table is done...well I still have to wax the base. I used my Free Quart of Clark & Kensington Paint from Ace Hardware in Bone White. I was planning on distressing it, but after seeing it finished I really like the "clean" looking base with the grey wash top.

I refinished a claw foot chair over a year ago and never got around to finishing the other one. I pulled it out of "storage" and placed it at the end of the table.


I'm going to refinish the other six cane back chairs that came with the table in the Bone White, same as the table base.

I know that rug sucks but it was $19.99 and it's from the family room where the kids destroy EVERYTHING. I'm working on a larger FREE rug idea just has to be done after everyone goes to bed so it take some time.

I started priming the door I rescued from the dumpster and the other claw foot chair today.

My husband will be leaving Wednesday for the rest of the week, soooo that means the GARAGE will be ALL MINE!!

I hold off on a LOT of projects due to the fact that my husband works out of our garage.

Over the weekend I stopped at one of my favorite places...the Brevard Hazardous Waste Dump.

I found a FULL gallon of primer and used it today on the chair and door!

I pick up ALL kinds of FREE paint, primer, stripper, sealer, etc.
My last visit with all my FREE supplies is HERE.

And three FULL cans of stripper.

Now, on to some other projects I need TO DO.

I found these two bed poles at the same apartment dumpster that I got our dinning room table from.

I am going to build a pallet potting table and I think these would look great as pillars in the back and paint them.

My Etsy shop has sold out of most of my hand made signs and I have a lot of scrap wood that I need to clear out. I love, love anything with planks, so I'm working on a large planked sign and I have some hinges in my pile of hardware that I will be adding.

Let's add this all up:

1. Paint Rug/Carpet
2. Build Potting Table
3.  Refinish Chairs
4.  Paint Sign
5. P aint The Big Door

And so on, and so on.......

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Alice Hansen Family Fund @ HoneyBear Lane

I can't even imagine the pain and grief that the Hansen family is going through. As a mother and wife my heart goes out to them and will be keeping the family in my prayers!

Heidi from Honey Bear Lane sister in law has passed away after giving birth to their third child, a girl.

She has asked fellow bloggers to pass the families FUND on to help in a time of need.

All Donations can be made at HoneyBear Lane.
via Honey Bear Lane
 From Heidi:
The loss of a loved one is a strange surreal reality. Life is completely normal except for one large, gaping hole. Each day the pain seems to become more real and defined as the actuality of what has happened sinks in.

My dear sister-in-law Alice gave birth last Wednesday to a beautiful baby girl. Unfortunately she contracted a horrible infection, strep A toxic shock. It hit her like a tidal wave and after a hard fight, she succumbed to the illness.

Alice was released from this world on Wednesday night, although she may have left her body before then. Her husband, my sweet brother, was left behind to take care of their two little boys and newborn daughter. He is not alone, of course. All of his family will be there to help him raise these precious little kids.
via HoneyBear Lane

I am blessed to now be near my family and helping out where I can. My brother is doing his best to be brave, but breaks now and then. We were looking at picture together of his wife, trying to pick out a good one for the obituary and he put his head in his hands and wept.

So many of you have reached out and wondered how you can help. That support and love is astounding, overwhelming, and wonderful. We wondered of a way that people who wanted to help could. So we opened a donation account for Alice’s family. This money will go towards funeral costs, residual medical expenses, and the costs of raising children without a mother or a job. My brother is going through a very difficult thing and while nothing can replace the ache of losing his sweetheart, any sort of donation will help to ease the burdens a little.

If you would like to donate money directly, you can do it easily by clicking the “Donate” button on my right sidebar  @ HoneyBear Lane. You can donate through Paypal, credit card, or e-check (a check directly from your bank account.) Any and all donations are appreciated. However, if you don’t have anything to donate, might I ask you to donate your time?

via HoneyBear Lane

Please write a post on your blog or facebook directing your friends and family to this post. You may use any of these beautiful printables that my talented friend Lara made for us to put on your blog. These printables represent the music that Alice made in her life–being a PhD in music. She was the most gifted pianist I knew.

Music was her passion. But her family was her life. She figuratively and literally gave her life for her children.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

Thank You & Please Go Over To
To Donate or Pass This on on your Blog!

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