Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ballard Designs Inspired Patio Table

Summer time has hit Florida!! Time to spruce up the back patio :)
My FREE cable spool has gotten me started on a backyard overhaul. 
Ballard Designs
My cable spool table
The cable spool table
I love all the numbers and words that were already on it.
The design of this table changed about five times through this project.  I was originally going to buy the 1" manila rope that is sold at Home Depot by the foot for 67 cents a foot thinking it would be about 25 feet. 

Well....after waiting about 10 min. for an assistant to come cut it for me, I got tired of waiting and grabbed a bag of the 3/8" x 50' for $8.79 and called it a day. Hoping that it would be enough to wrap the whole table. 
Change #1
As you can see there WAS NOT enough rope. So I grabbed the left over sisal rope that I had left over from my BOTTLES and made it work.
Change #2 
I was thinking about leaving the "spool" part a lighter wood color but I didn't like it after seeing it with the rope on. I stained it all the same color and it looks much better!!
Change #3
no stain
Okay, now for the pictures on how I did it...well the pictures show it all.
Stained the spool with Minwax Gel Stain in Walnut that I got for FREE on my dump 
I first folded my remaining sisal rope in half and cut it. That way you will have the same length of rope for the top and bottom.
Starting from the back side, wrap the rope around and just tuck your ends before you start nailing. This is to make sure the rope is placed right. Once it's in the middle nail it in place. I did put nails all around the rope to help hold it all in place.

Lined the the sisal rope up with the manila rope.
 But nails in the WHOLE thing. I had my glass top from the wicker table I had before. Really easy!!
No plant in the far corner.
Placed my big palm in the corner...much better.
I REALLY need to get new cushions!!!
 My caladium elephant ear came back this season.

And I will be doing the back wall the rest of this week. It looks pretty sad right now:((

~ Desiree ~
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  1. Gorgeous, Desiree! Wow! I love your entire patio but the table is just awesome! Beautiful plants too! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity in the DIY Project Parade! I'm including a link back in tomorrow's highlights!


  2. I love this idea! I think spools are soo neat. I have my dad looking everywhere for one so I can make a table too!

  3. what did you use for the top and bottom?

  4. Mary, it was all one piece. Top & bottom were already on the spool. You can see it in the first photo, it's all bolted together.

  5. I have some wooden spools here and your post gave me an idea on how I’ll be recycling all of them. I think they can be a great table for our patio. It might even be an awesome bookshelf like those that I see in some other blogs. Now I’m thankful that my hubby bought enormous wires in huge spools since we’ll be able to save some money in buying a new table. Thanks for your DIY steps presented here. :D

    -Jeraldine Wellner-

  6. Hi, I love this idea! May I ask what size spool you used? Thanks!

    1. hi! I would say it was about 2 1/2-3 feet high & about 2' across on the top. Hope this helps.


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