Monday, November 28, 2011

DIY Pine Cone Topiaries

I'm always looking for ways to decorate with NO budget. I made some egg topiaries a couple of years ago for Easter HERE and I wanted to line my pathway for Christmas this year. I go "road side" shopping all the time and last year I gathered a bunch of large pine cones and just had them sitting in a basket, witch I liked so I now need to go get more.

This was SO simple and I had it done in about 10 min.
You will need
1. drill
2. large pine cones
3. bamboo skewers
4. something to tap your bamboo skewers
Drill a hole in the bottom of the pine cone. My drill pit size was 3/16.
Some pieces may fall off and you can keep them for crafts. I drilled on a slight angle for better leverage.

I save old spice containers for future craft projects.
I needed something smaller than a hammer for the skewers, that's  when the pizza cutter came in handy.

Stick your pine cone on the bamboo skewer.

I got lucky a few weeks ago when the lawn guys cut down a bunch of oak trees. I had been looking for tree stumps on craigslist for a while.

I did a couple of clumping tree stumps with ribbon around them and I LOVE it!

This was all FREE! My kind of decor :-)

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