Thursday, June 14, 2012

DIY 4th of July Banner { Tutorial }

I started this 4th of July banner a couple weeks back with the kids and I finished it up yesterday for a photo shoot. I thought it would make for a cute background.

I have a pile of NOT so pretty scrapbook paper that I flipped over and used the white side. It's a nice thick paper. I cut them into triangles with craft scissors.

back side

front side
I used old pajama pants for the fabric, doilies from old job, and I had some burlap on hand.

I placed the doily on top of the fabric and cut it slightly larger than the doily.

I then pulled at the end of the fabric to fray the ends.

Mod Podge the pieces to the triangles.

Punch a hole in the middle and in the corners.

I printed out HAPPY 4TH onto white card stock in MS word at 200. Font: Rosewood Regular

I than just Mod Podge the "black" areas and sprinkled blue Martha Stewart glitter on them.

After the letters had dried I cut them out leaving about a 1/8th boarder all around the letter.

Punch a hole in the top of your letters and loop about a 8"-10" piece of jute rope through the hole in the letter and the hole in the triangles.

Tie a knot in the back side so it doesn't pull through.

Tie a bow and use some more jute rope to hold them all together.

DONE! I used stuff that I already had, so this craft didn't really cost me anything.

Does anyone else save unwanted clothes for fabric use??

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