Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hanging Light Bulb Vases

I did this upcycled light bulb project a couple years ago and never shared the tutorial on how I made them! I'm really bad about that....I have 1000's of photos of projects and never blog them. I'm going through all my stuff while I'm pregnant and needing to rest a little more.

It's a pretty easy project. I love the big round shape of these light bulbs. They are from our bathroom light fixtures. When they burn out I pull them apart to make vases.

You will need a burnt out light bulb, wire, needle nose plyers, and for safety a heavy duty glove. 

I did everything over a plastic bag. The first thing you will need to do is remove the center "pin."

Once the center pin/plate is removed there is glass backing that you will chip & break away at with the plyers.

You can kind of see the black glass piece I'm pulling out.

Now you will be able to get inside the light bulb & pull the guts out.

Shake all the leftover glass pieces out of the bulb and it's ready for the wire.

I picked up wire from the Dollar Tree and wrapped a piece around itself on one side and then bringing one of the strands around to the other side and looping it through to create a hanging wire.

Hang & fill fresh flowers or use dried flowers!

I hung mine from my chandelier for a while but they are now hanging on my ladder.

I'll be doing a post on my ladder wall décor soon!


  1. Love your idea. Most ideas I see on the web are either to difficult, I don't have the tools or it takes too long. Thank you for this.

    1. Great! It's not too difficult just a little scary while holding the light bulb in hand and gripping onto it. But with the heavy duty glove on it was fine!

  2. Are those mason jars on your chandelier? If so how do you keep the jars from sliding around?

    1. Yes they are! The small ones. We rent our house so this was a way to change out the ugly fog cones that were on there. They don't slide at all!! There's a round disc about 3"-4" at the base of the lightbulbs that the mason jars sit perfectly on.


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