Friday, April 27, 2018

Faux Marble Countertop {Part One}

I was scrolling through Instagram one day and happened to see a post by Instant Granite with vinyl coverings for countertops that look like marble & granite! I recently finished painting our cabinets and giving our kitchen a mini makeover but the dated yellow laminate countertops just made the space feel incomplete. After watching several videos online I was ready to give it try! Anything was better than the cream yellow! 
Instant Granite was amazing to work with and I received the material within a week of giving them my kitchen measurements!

Here is what the countertops looked like before. I did this project in the evening when our little ones were sleeping so the during pictures aren't the best. A lot of our big projects are done in the evenings around here!  

I'll be doing another blog post with more details on the painted cabinets and ways to update a kitchen on a budget!

After you have cleaned your countertops free of dirt and dust, you can apply the Instant Granite. I found it easiest to pull back about 6"-8" of the backing and REMOVE/CUT that 6"-8" of vinyl backing off. 

I found it best to start one section that ran down the side back rail and across the countertop. It's best to have the fewest seems as possible and this eliminated one seem. They will send you a squeegee tool to push out all of the bubbles as you lay it down. The material is easy to work with and pull back up if it didn't lay down straight or flat. As I flattened out 6"-8" at a time.

Once I had all of the bubbles bushed out of the backsplash board it was easier to work with the product if you rolled it back onto itself instead of it always wanting to roll under as you lay it down. The image bellow shows the vinyl rolled backwards instead of under.  

The overhang on the front side will be cut off with a sharp razor and that extra material was enough to cover the backsplash of the countertop.

For the corners it's a lot like wrapping a gift. You want to overlap the seems.

Fold one corner down and fold the other side down over it and cut the excess off.

The larger corners were cut in a triangle and folded over.

Here's a look at the before again and the AFTER!! 

I will be doing a PART TWO to this post with the other side of the kitchen counters. The other side has the sink and angle cuts. It took longer to install on the sink side with all of the angle cuts and bar area. This straight side of the kitchen took about two hours to install with pulling the stove out and cleaning behind it!

I've had the countertops covered for about three weeks now and I am VERY happy with them!! It's durable, easy to clean and looks AMAZING! It looks like real marble! 


  1. Lovely renovation! Do you have your paint colors listed somewhere? Our wall color looks similar and I’m now considering doing two tone cabinets in our kitchen!

    1. Hi, thank you! I don't yet but I am putting a post together about the facelift. Our walls are SW Agreeable Gray, upper cabinets are INSL-X Cabinet Coat pure white, the lowers are Behr Ultra "gray area" it was exterior paint that we already had.

  2. Looks great! Love this idea since I have older countertops too.

    1. thank you! Yeah, it's a great inexpensive quick fix! One day we plan on updating the kitchen but for now this will work!

  3. Wow! That looks much better than one would have expected. That seems like an economical way to renew and rejuvenate countertops with some mileage on them. How long did the project take? You are correct. The surface does indeed 'look like real marble'.


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