Friday, August 10, 2018

DIY Fall Placemat Scroll Art

It's hard to believe Fall is almost here again! With our older boys returning to school on Monday it doesn't even feel like Summer anymore, besides the extremely hot weather! haha That being said my mind is all on Fall décor. I think it's easy to transition Summer décor into Fall by leaving some of the yellow flowers out and adding in some darker colors like Magnolia's and their dark leaves.  I usually stay on the neutral side but I'm adventuring out of my comfort zone this year & going a little darker!

Target has a ton of the Hearth & Hand line on sale right now and when I came across this pack of 10 ticking stripe placemats I immediately thought they would make the perfect Fall Scroll Art! They were only $3.49 and I found the Magnolia Stems on sale as well for $3.49 each! I pulled those off of the stem and hot glued them how I wanted them to lay flat ang then hot glued them to the door. I wouldn't recommend hot gluing to your walls but since this is a high gloss door I know I can just pull them off afterwards.


I love using curtain clips to hand things temporarily! They are easy to just clip onto what you want to hang and you can use a thumb tack or command hook to hang it!

These are the placemats I found and I just lightly penciled in what I wanted to write and went over it with a black sharpie. If you're not comfortable with your own handwriting I have a easy tutorial on how to transfer letters from your printer HERE.

What do you think?
There is a second part to this Fall display that I will be sharing with you all soon so stay tuned!

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